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Over the last three years, we have had the pleasure of watching our boys, who are 13 months apart, excel at LEAP. Their academic progress is only outshone by their emotional and social development. Whether through the application of kindness and consideration for others, or something as simple as saying, "excuse me, mommy" when they want to interrupt, it's a testament and credit to the teachers and administrators who took the time to speak to us when a concern needed to be shared, and showed up every day with the goal of making a difference in our children's lives. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you.
-Brihann Pereira


We often say that choosing Leap is one of the best decisions we made as parents. We have had at least 1 child at Leap for the past 6 years, and we have been very happy with every teacher and assistant we have encountered. From the Polar Express to summer camp, early drop-off to lunch bunch, our kids have had a fun, educational experience. One of our kids absolutely loves art, and there is no doubt that it stems from a Leap teacher that loved art herself! It will be a sad day when our youngest child graduates from Leap!
-Alyssa Solow


We began at LEAP in 2015, each teacher has provided a unique and dynamic experience for my two children. LEAP’s academic curriculum is thoughtful and always engaging. More importantly, there is a commitment to play, self-awareness, and socialization which is truly invaluable! The staff and teachers have connected with my children and our family so that we all feel part of the “LEAP family” and the overall preschool journey.
-Jessica Nitzberg


At LEAP, there is a great balance between free and imaginary play and prep for Kindergarten, especially in the 4’s. The teachers, staff and administrators are very accommodating and easy to communicate with, and treat our children with such care and respect. Can’t wait to send our third child!
-Liz Zusman

“The lessons were outside the box. Example: Yoga, looking at worms, taking nature walks, coloring snow inside the classroom.  Her teachers installed so much self-confidence and friendship building skills on top of an incredible education.  Being able to see weekly what my daughter was doing through the Shutterfly account was fabulous.”
-Karen Pereira


“The staff is amazing!  The Shutterfly site helped spark conversation with my daughter about what she did in school.  My daughter wanted to go to LEAP every day!  She woke up asking if it was a “school day”.  Couldn’t ask for anything more!”.
-Debra Grimshaw


“We couldn’t be any happier with our daughter’s experience at LEAP.  The staff is amazing and her first year in school was more than we could ask for.  My daughter was so excited to head into school every day and was disappointed on days when there was no school.  The program really helped our daughter’s confidence and was able “reign” her in as well.  It was a perfect balance to encourage creativity and individualism in a controlled and structured environment.  LEAP truly knows what they are doing and has created something really special.  Thank you for nurturing our daughter and really helping her mature over the past year.  We are looking forward to another incredible year at LEAP!”.
-Jennifer Burns


“Emily’s experience at LEAP was wonderful.  We are going to miss the staff and kindness this school has shownto her.  LEAP is like its own little family and she will never forget her LEAP family”.
-Lisa Kirch


“He gained confidence to be separated from me and began to listen to other adults/figures of authority.  The learning units were fun and age appropriate but structured and well interegrated.  Every week my son would be excited to know what they were learning(we always got a ‘sneak peak’ on the Shutterfly account).  He has begun to learn to play with other children in a fun, safe setting”.
-Kerry Bailey


“LEAP is the best choice for a Pre-k program, hands down! The curriculum and teaching philosophy are incredible and to see your child flourish in an environment they love is amazing!”.
-Kathleen Gamble


“Wonderful program.  My daughter’s academic, social, and emotional needs are met in a nurturing and thoughtful way”.
-Jessica Nitzberg